Equipment Financing

Your company needs the proper equipment to remain competitive – what’s your acquisition plan?

Whether you’re a startup restaurant that needs new appliances or works with heavy equipment financing in construction, the Indiana Local Biz equipment finance program can help you secure the tools necessary to improve your business profitability and boost overall effectiveness.

When you do decide that it is time to purchase new or used equipment for your business, a few key considerations must be made.

First, what equipment do you need – and, how much is it going to cost?

Second, how are you going to pay for the equipment?

Will you use company cash, a bank loan, or will you obtain financing through a company that specializes in quick
and easy financing solutions for small businesses? At Indiana Local Biz, we partner with lenders to deliver
commercial credit and equipment financing solutions that help make equipment purchases a simple process.

Equipment financing helps you grow your business

While preserving much-needed CASH

Often times, new business owners use up the majority of their capital on equipment, not realizing that leasing is a cheaper and easier alternative. Also, because the equipment is being used as collateral, lenders usually tend to offer lower interest rates with longer terms (when compared to unsecured financing, for example).

Another added benefit of equipment financing is that it is tax advantageous, as it can be depreciated. Instead of depleting your business bank account, partner with us to finance your next piece of equipment.

Discover the tangible benefits of your new equipment purchase while maintaining guaranteed low payments through our lease program. Get ready to elevate your business with equipment financing and leasing options through